October 2015

Sparkly New Fabrics

Crystal, Cabaret & Chimera Now Available:
Samples are available on request.

Reflective Fabrics


August 2015

Handy Multi Purpose Wool Blankets

Dogs, Cats, Car, Picnic etc.

100% Wool Serge material made from our remnants, available in black or our standard colour range.

The blankets are available in either 150cm x 100cm or 150cm x 150cm.

They can be machine washed although 5% shrinkage should be expected.

Wool Serge Blankets


July 2015

Black Wool Serge

Following a recent successful trial, we are pleased to announce the arrival of a new delivery of the 183cm (72″) Black Serge.

The cloth has an average weight of 500gm/m² and almost 7% cheaper than the 150cm (60″) Standard cloth.

Please contact us if you have any questions or to obtain a sample.

Black Wool Serge


May 2015

Sound Absorption Test Results are now available, for full reports look under our Acoustic Materials section.

Acoustic Materials


January 2015

IFR Satin: New colours added to the range – Royal Blue and Lavender.

November 2014

We have now in stock 4 new shades of NDFR Lame 300cm/118” available in:
Turquoise – Jade – Silverose – Platinum.

NDFR Sheeting 195gm/m² in Black is now available in: 420cm/165”, 515cm/203” and 620cm/244” widths.

NDFR Cotton Canvas 330 gm/m² in Black is also now available in 420cm/165” and 520cm/204” widths.

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